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am i violating any law?


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hello awesome guys? i'm currently developing my own game engine to be released commercially but would be mostly used for education. the game engine is totally based on torque3D no major changes though. i have included the copyrights of torque and the MIT license in every substantial portion of the software. to be sure, am i infringing anything? would it be wrong to do this?

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Nope. MIT licence means you can do what you want with the thing as long as you keep the initial blurb in. Up to and including adding your own restrictions on access.

Edit: Case in point, it'd certainly be *nice*, and definitely encouraged if you threw back any fixes for flaws you run across, but strictly legally speaking, you aren't *required* to do so. Just slows down getting yet more goodies since folks have to independently find and fix em themselves instead of looking into other things.

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