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Conversation editing tool


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For those making a RPG, I've made a free node-based conversation editor. You can download it from my site. There is also a zip file with the gui and scripts it was intended to work with - might be broken, might need "massaging".

The editor is node-based, drag-n-drop, pretty easy to use, and runs on Windows. Should work on Win7 or later, should work on x86 or x64 versions. The documentation is here.

It can save "work in progress" conversations - but at the moment it insists on all node connectors being hooked up before save or export. I'll have to change that because it occurs to me that it has tremendous annoyance potential.

It currently exports to TorqueScript only. I'm in the process of restructuring the plugin system so that more functionality is placed in the plugin - this should give plugin authors more power and flexibility.

Obligatory screen shot:


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Getting closer. I have to make another plugin to test that I have in fact separated the correct functionality into the correct parts. I also started fiddling with adding "project" support - basically just keeps track of base script and save folders, and a list of your conversation files, like the project explorer in Visual Studio but lighter.

Repository is here if you're really dying to fiddle with it.

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Sorry, still pretending to work on the project management stuff. The .NET TreeView control isn't as handy out of the box as one would like, so I'm writing a "filter" object to deal with them. It will take a path string and create the necessary hierarchy of nodes, handle relocating nodes, and other mundane but irritating tasks.

Almost done, but too lazy to finish.

It's almost like I want to make a game but I'm afraid to - so I make tools to help make the game instead. Then I delay completing the tools, thus further delaying making the game....

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