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Weird weapon shader issue I don't understand


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I have messed up with something related to the weapon in my game project and I can't figure what's wrong... Maybe someone here can help me understanding what's happening.

Everything was working fine, then the game start crashing when the mission start. After some testing I figured it was related to the weapon mounting, everything is fine until I mount a weapon on my player.

I get a AssertFatal in shaderOP.cpp (end of GenOp::GenOp):

	// store langElement
     LangElement *elem = va_arg(args, LangElement* );
     AssertFatal( elem, "NULL argument." );
     mElemList.push_back( elem );

  va_end( args );

Then it keep "breaking" in the GenOp::Print :

void GenOp::print( Stream &stream )
  for( U32 i=0; i<mElemList.size(); i++ )
     mElemList[i]->print( stream ); //<- Break here


I know the 2nd issue is related the assertFatal but I don't understand what's happening. I tried to find something wrong in the weapons materials but everything seem fine (Those are still unmodified T3D weapons). Anyone have a hint about what is causing this crash? Maybe it's relate to the PBR code, I will try a compile with PBR removed...

Someone understand what that code is doing and can explain it roughly?

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I still don't understand what happened but I have been able to figure how to avoid the crash. Seem like something was wrong in my levels and I think it's related to my yesterday PBR experiments. I still can't figure what in the level make the game crash, seem like there's different objects causing the problems. For one, I replaced the LevelInfo object with the one from the EmptyRoom and it fixed it for this level. My LevelInfo had no LevelEnvMap map maybe it's a reason of the crash but for other levels it didn't fixed it. I also suspect the Sun and ScatterSky object of other level was causing problems... Anyway, it's fine now and I'm starting to work on fresh levels. I just wanted to post an update about how I "fixed" it in case someone experience the same crash.

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