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Integration with Polyvox


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Well it has to be rendered like something doesn't it, polyvox supports only the two i mentioned ;)

To quote the official documentation on surface extraction

Generates a triangle mesh from the input volume data which can then be used for rendering.

* Supports Minecraft style terrain where each voxel is represented by a cube.

* Supports smooth terrain via the Marching Cubes algorithm.

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Aah you want something like the feature set in Cubiquity. Funny enough they are dumping support for the smooth terrain part from Cubiquity and focusing only on block style. Something about the work involved supporting both and creating different editing features for both is just too time consuming.

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I'm sure it could be done (the networking). Anyways i do agree it would be a pretty cool feature to have in T3D. I think both block and smooth cubes would be pretty awesome to have, while you don't personally have any need/use for the block cubes i'm sure someone, somewhere would.

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This PolyVox stuff is fun :mrgreen:

Here is the "example" sphere in T3D, this took a few hours to create including a cmake module for PolyVox. This is using the cubic surface extractor but could have easily been done using the marching cubes extractor. I just wanted to test it and see what the PolyVox api is like.



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I got it on my private repo at the moment but i will clean it up and chuck it over on my public repo. I'll try and at-least show an example of texturing and hopefully destroying some blocks.

There are a few different directions you could take the Polyvox intergration, i guess that can be a discussion for another day. Will post the link soon anyway

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