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I need More Starting Point to create a MMORTS game. Help me please? im begging you :(


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hello guys greating from me again.

i recently get interested in RTS game i dont know why. but i really blind. i dont know how to start.

would you guys please tell me the recommended stuffs that i gonna need? such as server host. or the other thing?

the most of you most likely would give me this link ----> http://docs.garagegames.com/torque-3d/official/index.html?content/documentation/Scripting/Advanced/RTSPrototype.html

thanks before. at least to read my post

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There's not much material that explains how to use Torque for MMO anything. And MMO anything isn't really a good "starter project" in my opinion - if you're not already familiar with how to make a MMO-type game and also familiar with Torque 3D then this is going to be very difficult.

The first thing you must understand is how Torque behaves differently when playing a "single-player" game, hosting a multi-player game, and running as a stand-alone multi-player game server. This is important because Torque 3D uses short cuts when running in single-player mode that will cause working scripts to stop working the moment you switch to multi-player. An important part of this is understanding the ServerCommand and ClientCommand functions and how they behave - some of that is covered briefly in the RTS Prototype, but the basic thing to remember is "where does this data need to be for the game to operate correctly". If all clients need access to it, then of course it belongs on the server and you'll probably need to update it using a ServerCommand function.

If you can find a copy, this book should help - http://www.amazon.com/Multiplayer-Gaming-Engine-Coding-Torque/dp/1568814224. It's for an older version of Torque but most of the script-side stuff is still relevant.

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Steve Yorkshire made a great tutorial on a Tactics-Action Hybrid Game like a 3D X-COM.



Start small is my advice. He started a blog about this kind of tactics game and it lead to Airship Dragoon. Start a small project with a small scope but complete it. Thats the way to start.

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