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Disabling basetexture generation


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I need to disable the automatic basetexture regeneration when something is changed on the map, but only in certain cases.

My workflow involves editing the automaticly generated terrain level_basetex.dds file to make the terrain more individual and detailed and as a workaround I just set the file to write protected, the problem is if you distribute the game to other platforms the permissions are not kept, so I need a new method now, any ideas?

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You just need to copy an existing variable like this. You can create a new protected boolean variable mUpdateTexture to the class, initialize it with true here and add the field here. Then change this line to:

if ( Platform::compareModifiedTimes( baseCachePath, mTerrFileName ) < 0 && mUpdateTexture )


EDIT: You also need to read/write the mUpdateTexture variable to the network stream (TerrainBlock::packUpdate() & TerrainBlock::unpackUpdate())

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