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how to make collison boxes on advanced models


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It's best to create convex collision boxes for non-player models. Multiple convex collision boxes are needed for vehicles. In editor you can choose the type of collision, like "collision mesh" for you collision boxes or "visible collision" for having all meshes collide, but this should only be done on simplish models.

Scroll down for "collision geometry" http://docs.garagegames.com/torque-3d/official/index.html?content/documentation/Artist%20Guide/Primer/torque_art_primer.html

Here is an old template I made using Blender:


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You can just dublicate your model and remove the material and name it "collision" or just leave the model that way and set it to "use visible mesh" as collision in the editor.

Your ship is not that advanced, so the method I described will work, for more complex geometry you have to build collisionmeshes by hand or use a decimated version as you would use as LOD levels.

For example I often use the lowest LOD level as collision mesh also.

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The easiest way is to use the shape editor's advanced properties and for your boat "convex hulls" would be the best option.

I made you quick example how it works; you'd want to play around with the settings to get the lowest amount of vertices possible.


Convex hulls


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Recently, I figured how to use the ColMesh prefix in 3ds max to export complex collision meshes without having to use the ShapeEditor convex hull collision. I guess it's the same for other 3D tools. I'm not sure if it's a good way or not but I guess if you use a quite low polygon shape, it should be fine. Here's a screenshot of the hierarchy needed to have Collision Meshes working as soon as you add your DAE shape to your game.


(You don't have to add the exact shape name after the ColMesh prefix, I do that because I have a batch export scripts which export the shape and the ColMesh if found. I should share it soon, just need to make it more friendly so anyone can use it)

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Hello and nice Saturday,

i have a similar Question for this Problem. How can i get a model from blender with convex hulls into my torque world?

So how can i get a convex hull on a shape object - in my case ist just a box?

Would be nice if you can answer me 8-)

Best Regards!


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