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Trouble compiling T3D (Release mode) LNK2019


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Hello everyone,

New T3D user here.

Compiling the engine on VS 2015/Windows 10.

-Debug mode: All's nice and cool!

-Release mode: Error LNK2019

unresolved external symbol __vsnprintf referenced in function "long __stdcall StringVPrintfWorkerA(char *,unsigned int,unsigned int *,char const *,char *)" blah blah blah blah blah buildFilesVisualStudio 2015projectsDxErr.lib(dxerra.obj)

Seems like the project DLL is in trouble. Any ideas?

Also why don't we get a project dll when the project generation is done using the project manager?


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I only have 2015 installed on my main desktop machine, so I'll see about trying to replicate this tonight.

My guess is that, given the mention of the DXErr lib, is T3D still uses the old DirectX SDK, there may be some hangup there. Getting it switched to use the WindowsSDK is on the to-do list in the near future and could fix that.

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Hey bigmonk, thanks!

I tried to comment off those lines too a few days ago and indeed it compiles. It works fine until you press ctrl+z. Then boom. Big time crash. So I just rolled back to VS2013 for the moment. At least until I figure out the basics. The engine needs a graphics update anyway so we'll be messing with it again soon.

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