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Texture format for HDR?


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will Torque use that HDR information into the pipeline?


No, I don't think so. It's not supported.

If your project involves a game it would be unwise to load such heavy files anyway.

What your trying to do is like the opposite of optimization.

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I meant using .hdr files @saindd . Storing all the HDR information into an uncompressed image file and using it in a game engine would be a bit too much in my opinion:


What i actually meant is: if i use .hdr or .exr as a skybox, will Torque use that HDR information into the pipeline?


From your example you can read:


VTF textures used for HDR skyboxes store their colors either lightly compressed in 16-bit floating point (RGBA16161616f) or heavily compressed as 8-bit integer values (BGRA8888). In either case, they are created by VTEX from uncompressed 32-bit floating point Portable Float Map (.pfm) files


So Source™ is able to extract limited HDR from .tga files which I believe is different then just using the .hdr file.

Using uncompressed image files in any game is just not a wise thing to do in my opinion.

That's what I wrote in my 1st post; so it's not a matter of being true or not!

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