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Red Guy, low poly rigged character


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I needed a baseline player model and rig for prototyping, and eventually to be used for the characters in my games.

So I rigged up a simple Low-poly dude to a simple skeleton, with some nice controls to make it easier to utilize effectively.


Figured I'd toss him up here, and see if anyone had a use for it. As said, it's my baseline rig, so I plan to use it in general, but if others have an interest, I could take suggestions/ideas for some improvements.

Who knows, maybe given how light Red Guy is comparatively(and that there'd be source art), we could make him the default player model in the templates :P

Link to him is here

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Awesome, thanks for clarifying. I like where you're going with it!

@saindd: My interest in the generic models is because I want to make videos showing off motion and AI, without the distraction of particular character details.

I am also _very_ interested in MakeHuman, however. I haven't taken the time yet to research the full pipeline from makehuman/blender into a rigged and finished character in Torque, have you used it a lot and found that to be a no brainer process? Any tips?

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