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TSShapeConstructor to adjust feet to ground


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I've been trying to find a way to dynamically adjust the characters feet to the ground, by casting a ray from his feet bone. I'm successfully able to do that, but then, i can't seem to use TSShapeConstructor::setNodeTransform to change the bone position. According to the docs, it should allow me to change the base transform of the bone.

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Dynamically, as in during the game running? So like leg IK?

In that case, the ShapeConstructor methods wouldn't work. That's for configuring the shape to your needs before spawning. Once it's created, the ShapeConstructor methods don't affect it outside of reloading.

To manually change bone positions in code during runtime, you'd need to look into the animation code in ShapeInstance, and the HandsOff mask for bones. That lets the bones be animated by code rather than animation sequences.

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