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animation sucks in this game for some reason


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this looks like weighting errors to me, especially since

a) the upper part of the body, the arms, seem to overlap each other in the animation

b)same happens on the feet

I would suggest you to go thru your Armature Setup and clean those weighting errors, its just that.

If you use Blender, sometimes when using Autoweithing, you can these kinds of results.

These issues can be fixed by manually going thru the weights of the bones and removing the influence where you dont want it.

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This happens if the model is not re weighted in some way.

What was the file type to start with?

Did you convert it to another file type?

Which program was the model created in?

Which model did you use to convert this model into a .dae or .dts file?

Those are very important questions.

In your case... It is a collada model. This is what I do:


  • If I have a model like fbx/collada, then I open it up with Ultimate Unwrap Pro and convert it to a collada(or dts) files. Most of the time it works.

  • Should that fail I take a more aggressive tool into use. Ligthwave 3D 11.6.

  • Open the fbx/collada file, re-weights all bones(or the bones causing the problem) it is an trial and error process but it often works.

  • Then export the fbx file as a collada or simply save the collada file if it was such a file in the first place.

  • This process in Lightwave 3D also works for collada files. Instead just save the file when done.


Hope that helps out.... I don't use blender for character model rigging so my option/method is a bit more expensive with Lightwave 3D, as that is what I rely on. The point here is that you will need to get down into the hand on trial and error process as you use a program to automatic re-weights the bones or do it manually as with Lightwave 3D.

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yea.. when I use that .. Torque chrashes when I try to load model


Do you use the default dts plus exporter of the newer updated version?

I recommend the default dts plus exporter as that one works flawless for me with the newest Milkshape 3D version... the newer dts plus exporter did some weird things.

Which Milkshape 3D version do you use?

Which Torque 3D version do you use?

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milkshape 1.8.4

torque 3.7

Reinstall your milkshake 3d program.

Use the default dts plus exporter

Never ever reuse animations from the same model from a former export if you have:

1. Scaled the model in ms3d

2. Changed anything at the model in ms3d at all

So you need to re export the animations as well all over if you have changed anything in the model in ms3d. If you try to re use the animations you will get what your picture showed us. A model all twisted ☺

This is how I work with ms3d and it works perfect that way.

Never re use animations for a model that has been changed in ms3d and re exported to dts. Export new animations everyone and it works.

Use the stock dts plus exporter.

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actually I think I found the error... I have both milkshape versions on computer and I think its because I imported the fbx file into 1.8.5 first.. it seems to me that 1.8.5 corrupt the model in some way so it cant be exported with animations, even if you take it into 1.8.4 and export it from there.

Because the same thing happend for me with a model I made in 1.8.5 and took into a program and should export as animated md3 model..

So I think 1,8,5 is something wrong with... I have reported it to Mete on milkshape3d.com

so we'll see..

well then I am back to my problem with importing an fbx file.. because the one in 1.8.4 does rarely works :)

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