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Marte Game - Torque Game Engine Advanced (1.8.1)

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An example game with AI code and particles effects made in Torque Game Engine Advanced ver.1.8.1

Stage 0: Orc invasion on Mars' human land-based facilities. Orc AI-point path, AI-shooting. Meteor rain collision. Particles FX. 3D death animation tweaks.

Stage 1 (finishing): Alien Facility Labyrinth. Bot AI alternative modes. Firegun launcher (finishing Bot interaction).

Please wait for more code working... Stage 2 (2 computers Lan net game)

Thanks for this forum. See you later.

Note: possible exception needed for IDP.Generic detected (old Stronghold.exe)


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Thanks for posting sir.

I have a question.  Since Garage Games no longer offer this engine for sale, do you know how I could legally obtain a copy of this engine for use as I only have a license to the 1.4 version.

BTW, your screenshot looks good.

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Posted (edited)

MARTE GAME - Stage 0: (zero as a testing example of AI programming code and game play concept design)

MARTE GAME - Stage 1: (finishing code programming; one as the next step on the character's mission on Mars)

Edit: Adding sound effects for Stage 1. Bot AI alternative modes finnished. Balance required for resolution steps (working on).

Some of the game play pictures attached:





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OK.  Thanks for the reply.  Are you saying that all of these screens are from the TGEA version.

Just curious.  As I stated before I like using the TGE 1.4 version of torque for developing my games (as opposed to T3D) because it is easier for me to use.  What your reason for using TGEA.  Again, just curious.

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Posted (edited)

Hello Bsisko. It's like your own reason. Look at the "A Stronghold" mission screenshot, it's wonderful. I found Garage Games many years ago but TGEA 1.8.1 was an old version by then. So I started with some code learning and tried to do some programming work... I left it many years and return to the code. The ideas I used with other works, like AI coding, finally born in Torque as an example for my own... Then I wanted to do some other AI working with a labyrinth art work by a partner and there is where I found my own big problem begins. I'm finishing with this, just waiting for more enthusiasm for next projects.

So, TGEA 1.8.1 was the first nice engine I found on Garage Games and next was Torque 3D. I will program with T3D too. I don't know if I will do with old TGE but it would be nice too.

Thanks for your writing Bsisko. (Sorry for my english)

A Stronghold.JPG

PD: I have just remembered that TGEA 1.8.1 version was the fastest 3D example program on my old PC (don't remember CPU or RAM)

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Posted (edited)

MARTE GAME / Stage 1 screenshots (dramatic moments, alternative gameplay)

Through the labyrinth of the alien facility a player could lost the way, find a beast or make a wrong resolution step and get a faulty game end.







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Performance Design:

I like to make some alternative modes on each programming project. Performance for MARTE GAME on TGEA is limited to 32 bit Windows system. RAM memory used will be limited to a number of mission loaded; a "game over" screen will be showned after a limit implemented by human selected options (select "play game", select "quit game", select "next stage").

There are many datablock loaded on TGEA that will crash the main program after a number of "loading objects" procedures. Screenshot of the usual crash moment:


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