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Does Torque still come with physx?


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Sorry for the obvious noob question but....

Does physx still come with torque?

On the old website it is a listed feature, however on the new website it talks about the ability to add physx (or bullet) to the engine

I am wondering because I don't intend to use physx and if I accidentally included it in my game I could possibly get in legal trouble...

Thanks in advance!

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Historical note, Torque never "came with" PhysX - you always had to download the kit from Nvidia yourself. It has had support for that kit for a long time, and recently someone put some time into dusting it off to handle the newer kit - which is very nice.

Historical note, GarageGames no longer develops Torque 2D/3D. This is entirely community-driven now as both products were released as open source under the MIT license and a steering committee. Everything after Torque 3D 1.2 has been done by community contributors, some of whom happened to still work for GarageGames.

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