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This sticky thread will be a primer for this sub-forum, and how you can help out with Torque 3D!

This sub-forum is intended to only have threads pertaining to current issues or feature requests that need a fix and Pull Request made, or an existing PR that needs testing before being merged into the engine. For issues, feature requests or pull requests that are deigned to have priority, they will have a thread created in here pertaining to it. This gives a more local place to inform if something is being worked on, or any discussion/inquiries about it.

So, how can you contribute?

There are two main ways.


  • If the thread is about an issue, or feature request, you can submit a fix or implementation of it and create a new pull request.
  • If the thread is about an pull request awaiting testing you can pull down and test the PR, and report what, if any, issues you encountered.


This will expedite important issues being resolved, as well as fixes and features being rolled in!

If you're unfamiliar with how to utilize git with Torque for creating or testing pull requests, there's a wiki page that consolidates most of the necessary information here:

How to use git with Torque.

Once an issue has been handled, or the PR has been merged/closed, the thread pertaining to it will be closed. This is intended to keep what needs to be worked on clearer.

If there is an issue, or a pull request you feel needs handling that isn't in here currently, or you feel there's a problem with a previously handled one and it should be revisited, feel free to contact me and let me know so it can get set up in here!

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Also, feel free to reply to this for suggestions on how to better organize the 'tickets' in this forum, or how to better present the info about it.

Part of the issue with using the github issues/PRs was a lack of readability about what exactly they needed, so this is all an attempt to alleviate that for now, so if you guys have a suggestion on how to make it easier to understand what exactly is needed for these, by all means drop a suggestion.

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