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So having derailed the roadmap thing, i did some looking to find *stuff* while this is possibly a waste of time since status quos are almost impossible to shift, and new things are new and people dont generally like new things since its adding a learning curve. unless its a new faddy buzzword and then for some reason everyone promotes it as the best thing ever.

Anyway here are some alternatives to things current or no longer used with regards to projects and management and stuff, mainly for the current devs and SC to look at and see if they think it might help with the development. As for criteria, all of these projects are both open source and self hosting capable (with the exception of trello which is still usable in its free state).

The astute will also note that there is some crossover of products, this is a side effect of the defective thinking that there should be One software to do everything, as such there are some *complete* products in here too

Trello alternatives







Project Management






Bug/issue tracking






One advantage here is that self hosting options allow you to have a single domain control over multiple products that do a singular task well, rather than 20 tasks badly.

I am under no illusion that this is likely to change anything, but i figured it was worth an hour or so looking at and picking out some notable products for at least a quick look by others if nothing else.

I should however point out that regardless of how good any item of software is at doing what it should, if the project is unmanaged or mismanaged you get the same problems as the current github management system.

It may also be noted that some changes to the management of github would help rectify some of the issues that i think exist, and that is an equally valid thing to do as get extra softwares involved.

There is no right or wrong here... unless you consider the status quo, at which point i personally feel that it is wrong :p

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huh, maybe i liked it twice as much as others :)

In that particular category it was pretty difficult to find a completely free does it all solution, almost everything is now falling under the category of 'freemium' which is fine for commercial solutions, but OS projects soon get past the barriers they put up, and once past that the prices hike astronomically

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