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Need original music or sound design?


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Hello Game Devs & Community Members!

Are you in need of original music or sound design for your project?

Studio Daisho is a music composition and sound design company out of Richmond, VA (USA). We offer high quality (32 or 24-bit) audio productions delivered in virtually any audio format! We aid clients' concepts with original music and sound production for various forms of media. This is done by utilizing the best hardware & software to date, so we can engineer innovative and compelling audio. By offering free consultations we get to know you, your vision and goals. Each project and its components are approached with a fresh perspective, then reevaluated, ensuring consistency and project cohesion.

We understand each project bares distinctive needs and requirements, so estimates are based on several factors. Including but not limited to length of score and composition, number of instruments and tracks recorded, amount of foley, and revisions. We offer many options for pricing and feel confident we will find what works best for you!

Our website is current undergoing a revamp however we have plenty of information provided or answer any questions if need be. If interested, we would appreciate a moment of your time to discuss this process further!


Studio Daisho - Music Reel



Thank you for your time,

Studio Daisho LLC

E: Info@StudioDaisho.com





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