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Animation, material and object names get upper cased


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If you edit parts of the CS file that torque writes to then, its to be expected that the torque overwrites those changes if you use a tool that writes your work.

That being said, auto capitalisation of words is the domain, or grammar and spelling correction applications such as word processors, perhaps a global setting to allow/disallow the engine from making such decisions would be useful.

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I think the cause of your problem here is most likely the StringTable. I could be entirely wrong here, but I think this is what's going on:

Torque is generally not case sensitive (at least to and from the console), and it stores strings in the StringTable so that it can reuse them when it sees them again and doesn't have to waste space store redundant strings. However, a side effect of these two facts is that if there is already a "Run" in the StringTable, and then you try to use the word "run", it will fall back to its original "Run" instead, viewing them as the same word.

Again, this is just a theory, but I have reason to believe it may be correct.

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