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Basic multiplayer template?


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Is there a basic template with multiplayer functionality? Hosting a server, spawning players and allowing them to move around. I'm just starting and the "Full" template has too many legacy lines, including unnecessary stuff for my game. Unfortunately, the "Empty" one has nothing, not even prediction or something like that.

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As John said, the new Base Template actually is fully multiplayer enabled, just that as it's a BASE template, clients spawn as spectator cameras, rather than players.

The next step is to work on a drop-in package overtop the new base template that will implement basic shooter gameplay mechanics, but the base template is a good 'from scratch' starting point that still has the main stuff you'd need to work with, such as menus, ability to host/join server, etc.

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Just wanted to chime in and note that the empty is just as multiplayer enabled as the full template is.

Perhaps you should look at the t3d-bones tutorial or the coin pick-up tutorial to get a better understanding of torque 3d and its multiplayer capabilities.


Bones: https://github.com/eightyeight/t3d-bones

Coin: http://wiki.torque3d.org/scripter:coincollection

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