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FP images being rendered upside down?


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So, i'm trying to replace the player arms and weapon model in first-person. I've made a new player_arms.dae file with the arms rigged to my skeleton, plus a player_pistol.dae containing the weapon attached to the hand bone, and no arms mesh. Finally, there's a few DAE files with the animations: idle, fire, etc. Everything works fine: the states, the animations, except for one thing: the model is rendered in a completely wrong position:


That's me, in FP camera, looking down. That mesh over there is the player arms. I'm rendering in wireframe because they're below the ground. It seems to be rotated about 180 in the Z axis. Or something like that. My skeleton, the mesh and all the animations are correctly set up in the Y-Front, Z-Up orientation. And the scale is based on the original Torque player model. Any ideas of what i might be doing wrong here?

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"My skeleton, the mesh and all the animations are correctly set up in the Y-Front, Z-Up orientation."

So, yes, the arms, the weapon and the skeleton are all facing the positive Y, having Z up and are located at the center. By the way, being at the center shouldn't really matter for anything, since the FP camera is translated to the eye node in the player model.

@shoiko, you are probably not setting useEyeNode in your datablocks. Try that out.



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They have to be at the center, that is most important, since that is where the model gets mounted on, you can also define an extra mountpoint, but center is easier.

You also need to reset transformations and rotations, in case you have something applied.

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A mount point is a mount point, an eye node is an eye node. Both are named joints, but there is a reason they have different names. Either way, his problem is not related to a center or anything, you're wrong.

Just check if useEyeNode is set and/or check the eyeOffset, if you don't have an eye node for each weapon model.

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