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Invert Normal Map


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This resource will flip(invert) the green channel of the normal map. It doesn't actually touch the image but will invert the expanded normal map's green channel in the pixel shader. In other words it will flip the direction of the bumps in your normal map. I have not modified the GUI here so it's script only. Only tested on advanced lighting

Material Script Usage


invertNormalMap = true;



Source File: Engine/source/materials/materialFeatureTypes.h

After Line: 89

/// This feature flips the green channel of the normal map
DeclareFeatureType( MFT_InvertNormalMap );


Source File: Engine/source/materials/materialFeatureTypes.cpp

After Line: 62

ImplementFeatureType( MFT_InvertNormalMap, U32(-1), -1, true );


Source File: Engine/source/materials/materialDefinition.h

After Line: 282

bool mInvertNormalMap;


Source File: Engine/source/materials/materialDefinition.cpp

After Line: 197

mInvertNormalMap = false;
After Line: 367

addField( "invertNormalMap", TypeBool, Offset(mInvertNormalMap, Material),
   "If true this will flip(invert) the normal map/s green channel of this material." );


Source File: Engine/source/materials/processedShaderMaterial.cpp

After Line: 388

   fd.features.addFeature( MFT_InvertNormalMap );


Source File: Engine/source/renderInstance/renderPrePassMgr.cpp

After Line: 554

type == MFT_InvertNormalMap ||


Source File: Engine/source/shaderGen/HLSL/shaderFeatureHLSL.cpp

After Line: 178

if( fd.features.hasFeature( MFT_InvertNormalMap ))
   meta->addStatement( new GenOp( "   @.y *= -1.0;\r\n", normalVar ) );


Source File: Engine/source/shaderGen/HLSL/shaderGenHLSLInit.cpp

After Line: 48

FEATUREMGR->registerFeature( MFT_InvertNormalMap, new NamedFeatureHLSL( "Invert Normal Map" ) );



This will create yet another shader permutation in the ShaderGen system.

Edited by Timmy
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