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The problem is that Torque already has a store - just nobody can buy anything from it.

Garage Games was pretty brutal about making sure anything Torque would be sold on the GG platform. Distributing *any* code outside the GG-login controlled system was potentially grounds for having a license terminated. In retrospect the whole thing was absurd - GG wouldn't even let TGE licensees see resources based on TGB and vice versa. That's why nobody ever did anything like write a Torque-based article about modern terrain techniques at Gamasutra. Talk about reducing visibility!

Some folks tried to get around it and sell independently by starting a thread on the registered forum that a purchaser would then make a post to and verify license that way. But generally speaking most devs with anything marketable just sold through Garage Games - while the lesser stuff was submitted as a (now deleted) resource. So everything that existed up to whenever GG decided to pull the plug is locked to that platform or gone.

The bulk of the Torque ecosystem (including the store) rests with a group that's off giving Lua seminars to Canadian schoolkids - or some such nonsense - and seemingly don't give a hoot about Torque anymore. So it's really worse than needing a store. We're trying to rebuild an entire decade's worth of ecosystem that Garage Games ferociously controlled (and to some degree clearly still does) yet has deleted and/or left fractured while they're off doing more important things.

It's a bit of a pickle. And honestly it makes Torque appear to be damn near dead.

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The problem is that everyone seems to ignore the work of other people and what is already there.

People still wait for someone "official" do to something, but there are no more official people caring about Torque3D, we are the official people now.

Resources can simply be posted here in the forum or whereever you want now.

And regarding the "store" this will likely never work out in the old way, since Torque does not have a big consumer base of "dreamers" who will occasionally buy something, but are not serious about game development, since that is what the stores of other engines mainly live from.

Regarding the store I already have something like that for around 2 years now:


I share my art there, all licensed under the extremely liberal CC0 license. It can be used as a multi user site as well, but I had relatively few contributions by others yet.

Maybe people ignore it, since they don't want to be associated with me since of their personal problems with me or whatever irrational behavior they have.

I'm pretty much the only producer of open source art that is game ready for Torque3D at the moment.

So you either do it yourself and/or use what is already there or wait for something that will never happen, as most people are doing for around 3 years now.

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