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BlobShadow instead of ProjectedShadow


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I wanted to experiment with blob shadows for a retro feel so I tried:

In \source\lighting\basic\basicSceneObjectLightingPlugin.cpp


#include "lighting/common/projectedShadow.h"


#include "lighting/common/blobShadow.h"

Around line 107 that used to be:

mShadow = new ProjectedShadow( mParentObject );

change it to:

mShadow = new BlobShadow( mParentObject );

But it gravely failed because the class BlobShadow has a different constructor (it has more params).

So, how can I use the shadows defined in "lighting/common/blobShadow.h"?

Are they just an abandoned legacy thing? I can't find documentation for them anywhere so any help is very welcome.

Note: blob shadows are the circle shadows right under the actors independent of lightning direction as seen here


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I'm not able to find the option to switch between shadows in the documentation.

Should I just disable shadows and use raycasts and a "moving decal" with that texture to simulate these?

As side note let me post an inside engine image:


The projected shadow is what we have by default. Note the angle from the jumping point due to the sun angle.

The blob shadow is right under the character so the jump landing can be targeted easily -an old school thing-.

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