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how can unite two terrains?


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If you just want two terrains to sit next to each other, you can just put them next to each other and it will mostly work. There is a known lighting bug at the borders, which is most visible on terrains with significant height difference from one side to the other, but in general you can just put terrains next to each other and most things work as expected.

I have written a much more in depth terrain pager, but it's not really a standalone solution at this point, all the current work on it is in my openSimEarth build which has a lot of other things you probably don't want. However, the TerrainPager class in there might get you started anyway. The torque code is in github.com/ChrisCalef/Torque3D, branch openSimEarth.

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Thanks @JeffR reading about that I add this code and yes have the bug fixed, https://github.com/Winterleaf/Torque3D/commit/3f62ae1464fe6259705f6f4425118aacd19934f5 I added and compiled without error and already used with a few terrains, four terrain to be more exactly. (I had not seen that PR #954)

EDIT: If someone want to download to test levels to try this function...

Download release: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9GUwtDHCp_eTXUzOGVRYnhKOUk/view?usp=drivesdk

Github: https://github.com/John3/Torque3D/tree/solder-edges-terrain

1) search the edge


2) then click here


3) depends of the texture and the elevation, etc... can be better


Test with two textures

1) http://i.imgur.com/wCbJWHCl.jpg

2) http://i.imgur.com/Y2YjRN7l.jpg

3) http://i.imgur.com/MjeRM0Ul.jpg

4) http://i.imgur.com/hlCLIqil.jpg

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EDIT: Updated the post

"No paint the last pixel" confirmed in "Winterleaf" version. This bug is also preset in the "signmotion" version.

the error is present at the "bottom/top" of my terrain.


Is necessary to paint the top to paint the "last pixel" of the bottom.

If you don't paint the top...


If you paint the top, the bottom is painted.


Any terrain tool only work for one terrain at the time, what the cursor is pointing. So you need to raise one first.

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I thought of exporting the terrains as collada (there is an option of that in the world editor), then merge those 3d models with an outside program like blender, create a heightmap and finally import that heightmap to make a new bigger terrain.

But this option has a lot of issues like how the 3d models of the terrain are so huge my old computer can't handle them to edit; or how you can't make caves or use x-y-rotated terrains because the hightmap can't handle two different heights with the same (x,y) position.

And that's without the resolution issue or how you have to repaint everything again.

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