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update/better documentation (Paid)


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First sorry for my answer, I don't have intention to offend anyone.

@Duion oh come on! really??? "How to make a MMO"? what's wrong with you? why the sarcasm? some people don't want to just copy and paste the entire engine and published in store steam :roll: :roll: :roll: sorry but someone has to say it.

@Dwarf King as you can see the last posts about tutorials/books, I was collaborating so I know the existence of all this documentation/books/tutorials/pages... :? :?

so what are you saying is do all this and that's it?? right? :lol: :lol: and why are you only talking about FPS tutorials?? :?

A lot of this are outdated and anybody don't know if still work even the SC don't know I read some "SC/other people" answered where they recommend a tutorials/guide and then a error/problem and then they answered was "oh! that is deprecated" :| :| seriously?? and the newbie need to struggle even days for realise that was a deprecated.

update the documentation, documented the new features, do more tutorials have all of this revised and organized. But I suppose the same old lurker will be the same using torque3d in the future... if we not change that.

Anybody was using some other engine? you all sure read the tutorial/documentation section, so what's the difference with torque 3D documentation? :|

@JeffR Hi, yes I know sorry about that, is wide open, but is a bit true, let me explain. This is for the community. Like dwarf said a lot of people said about the lack of guides and tutorials, why people said that? I know it because I read that sometimes reddit/garagegames/IRC/other games develop pages/other game engine pages. I know is not lack but is very disorganized and outdated.

This engine is more for programmers that artist, some of tutorials/documentation is with code.... but dawrf what is not said is a lot of this tutorials have "code" attached and you can't download from gg or any site, code writing by someone in a rush and only god know what that creature want to do hahaha, old videos removed, incomplete guides (part 1 to 5 but only 1 exist), post/tutorials/guides removed by someone went crazy and erase everything, images removed or broken, broken code, the post have pages of different people through the ages updating the code in a very disorganized manner and then it don't work :lol: or you need to download some other file from other post to complete this but that post was erase, very very old tutorials post that can work but with a lot of work and you need to know the engine C++/TS to update that.

This job is for do a clean quality documentation/tutorials/HOW-TO section. Old documentation will be revised, updated, with new tutorial/guides or how-to. The jobs It will be phased or milestone and the pay always it will be at the end. The person who help, need to published in the wiki, then be reviewed and approved, then it will pay. The SC and the community will be involve to improve or give advice.

So how about if the newcomer want to do: (how they begin with?)

1) A car game or add a car in they game.

2) A board game

3) Or they want to do a mirror

4) Or a radar

5) Or a camera, where you can use different "security cameras"

6) Some game effect (the common ones) like fire, etc...

7) How about if the newcomer want to do a FPS but instead of pistol they want to use magic, like ice ball, fire or something.

9) If the game is a space ship? how they can add a model and how they can change the soldier model for the ship?

10) How about if the newcomer want to do a 2D or 2.5D game and they want to use Torque3D?

11) A horizontal menu where you can select items (The common ones)

12) Or they want to place objects in the game to build stuff (Very popular this days) (I'm not talking voxel, just to place different object). How they begin? or at least some basic of placing cubes one above the other.

Just a ideas from people that sometimes I read on posts.



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But I have noticed that some of the pictures has blanked out in his tutorials/resources

Some of the old free upload/hosts seem to have bugged/deleted some of my old pics - which is annoying but hey, get what you pay for. :/

Just to note, all my old tutorials should be good with teh exception that $typemasks::TsStatic (or whatever it was called) no longer exists and needs updating to $TypeMasks::StaticObjectType - but apart from that, should work as written.

So ... How To Into MMO not getting much traction, then? ;) :P :mrgreen:

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Thanks @Dwarf King I don't know that about UE4. I don't have time too because of my job. Well I try to help insofar as it can to the community, may be paying to someone that have more time :) really this is a good engine and I don't want to people leave. You right about github :!:


which is annoying but hey, get what you pay for. :/
:shock: Ahmmm.... it is free does not mean doing a bad job.... even if you pays does not ensure that someone do a good job. So, the statement is not valid. ;)


So ... How To Into MMO not getting much traction, then?
:lol: :lol: sorry about that...

Thanks for the comments guys... Well hope I can help... I don't have time but this is I can help and give back to the community.

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Thanks for the initiative Johxz and I think it's a great initiative, did you consider asking for specific documentation though? So you can set up a "do this, get this" system. You could use the bounty system (look at the bottom of the page)!

Also, it'd be great if any new tutorials were added to the wiki!

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But I have noticed that some of the pictures has blanked out in his tutorials/resources

Some of the old free upload/hosts seem to have bugged/deleted some of my old pics - which is annoying but hey, get what you pay for. :/


Want me to put them up? I mean, at least I'll tell you when I decide to shut down. If you like the idea contact me and we'll work out how to get the files where they need to be. Of course, you'd then have to go back and update the links in all of those posts....

And - I have started keeping the generated engine docs on my site. Roostertail games, in the side-bar on the right - T3D 3.7 and T3D 3.8 - of course, they're just generated references and because internal documentation is sparse they're pretty cryptic.

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  • 4 months later...

As a noob starting with T3d about a month ago I agree. I have done some of the tutorials and some of them don't work. Perhaps they are for an earlier version. I have downloaded all the docs I can find and things such as the state machine have very little explaining how it works. And yes as a C programmer I do know how state machines work.

As you might have seen in my other posts I have been trying to mount a turret on a vehicle but with little success. There is not much info how to do this and no examples. As much as I appreciate the tutorials people have done, I find most of them to be the stuff that is well documented. The stuff like mounting a turret is not documented and there are no tutorials.

I do have time and am tempted to offer my services depending on exactly what is expected

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I created the nodes in the model as per the documentation.

I managed to mount it and it all aligns but it just ignores the setTurretEulerRotation command. Even when typed in from console. Also if you use a get command it shows things have changed but not what you set.

Does it work for you in the standard 3.8 T3D?

It is one thing if you want to do something different and it is undocumented and perhaps was never intended that an engine can do something.. then you expect to struggle.

But this is something that the engine supposedly can do but there is little / no documentation on the how. So once you have created your turret, mounted it to a vehicle then how to you control it?

So as the OP said ... we need better docs

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I see this is in CPP. I looked at the source code to see what the setTurretEulerRotation command does....



mRot = rot;

Which looks like what was being discussed in that post.

Taking all of the post about fixes into consideration it looks like this does not work and has never been fixed. So I guess if I want to use turrets I will have to use a different method

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