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DAE Models GTA City Maps


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I imported the GTA1 San Andreas files, it is indeed a full 3D model, but it looks kind of stupid at some spots, since it was meant for a 2D top down perspective.
Yeah they look a bit too much low-poly and low resolution but still good for prototyping.
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It is quite funny to see how it was made, it is just one model, made out of the same cubes using textures from one atlas texture.

I bought a Building Kit from Unity Assets Store few months back for very cheap. I got what I paid for, the modelling was quite good but all the building used a single Atlas with a very low resolution... Anyway, no regret for the price I paid, it was more to see an example of a Town Construction Kit. And I used some of the modelling as reference to create my own parts.

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The original Chinatown was modeled in exactly the same way. It was later broken into pieces for the set sold on the store.

A single model with a single atlas texture is pretty efficient - but I think it would work better on a block-by-block basis so you could use occlusion culling and other tricks to keep your polycounts down. The blocks could even share textures - or not, as needed.

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