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Private messaging system


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Outbox are messages that are out and not received and sent messages are messages that have been sent and also been received.

At least this is what I think.

It's what I tought but just wanted to confirm. So those in Outbox mean that they haven't beed read or maybe the user haven't log in since it was sent?

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Try it out, send me a message and I will wait a day until I read it.

Sent and it's in my Outbox. Before reading it, let me know so we can get precise result.

  • See what happen when you see it in your inbox without read

  • See what happen when you read it but not closed yet

  • See what happen when close it after read


Also, we don't have to wait for tomorrow, we could do those 3 steps now. Go simply see the messages in your Inbox without opening it :P

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