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Issue with Httpobject and Telnet in T3D (3.6.1)


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I am working on a simple project which connects to NASA JPL's "Horizons" telnet server to download the position of the planets.

I can do this with a regular Windows 10 telnet console easily, and I can connect to the server using HttpObject, but I cant seem to send any queries to the server.

With a regular Telnet console, I connect to the servers address (there is no login/password), receive the login screen and information. and I then get a prompt:


Where I can enter commands.

With T3D, I use:

$url = "ssd.jpl.nasa.gov:6775";

$URI = "mars";

$query = "mars";


and I get the login screen, but no prompt, and I can't use get (or post, or send) to send the commands that I need to send. I think the issue is the lack of a command prompt in T3D. With a regular telnet client it is "realtime", T3D seems to need intermittent "get" commands, which doesn't seem to be working.

Any ideas how to solve this?


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