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Let us say. That sometime in the future Garage Games shuts down their site....

Ron Kapaun

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JUST SPECULATION HERE. I am not saying this will happen ANY time soon but, let's say Garage Games decides it's too costly or whatever to continue hosting the original site. Don't know about you guys but, I would certainly be out BIG time if the resources section and a few other sections on GG went away. Hell, when Instant Action went the way of the dinosaur, I spent DAYS copy and pasting threads and resource code into freaking text files. I also backed up all of my products and god knows what else. Just in case.... ya know.

Is there any plan to migrate info here? If nothing else, as a back up? We stand to lose decades worth of info. Not all of it pertinent to the current T3D but still, I have spent a fair bit of time 'converting' ancient scripts and resources from those sources. This site appears to be 'working'.... I just think it's time we talked about the 800 pound gorilla in the room.


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So, no 'official' backups. How about making it a 'tasker' for members. You know, if you have 'down time'.... copy and paste into into the resources section. Obviously, not sure what the hell the copyright implications are but still, it's something..... I am just really concerned with losing the knowledge base of all those years. Granted, I am being selfish here but.... hey I have been around A LONG ASS TIME. I plan on being one of the last guys working with T3D (in whatever version it gets too). Hate to see us lose the years of dedicated work that all of us has done.

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There are some definite legal logistics to be concerned with in any migration between ownership. But here's a pretty easy breakdown of the best and easiest way to make the transition.

If you have made the resource for Torque 3D 1.2 or the open source release, then the resource can pretty much come over without problem. If you made the resource with a prior version of T3D, then it should still be able to come over, as long as you port it to the first version of the open source release (or better yet, the latest release) and publish it here. That's if you created it, since you can re-post your original work.

If a resource has been released on the open source version under the original terms of the MIT license, then you are also good to go in replicating it.

If it was a resource made for TGE, TGEA, etc, then it is pretty much locked in the black box of GG's agreement to not share source with people who are not owners of the original software. Since there was proprietary code in TGE/A, they will not be released and those resources are a lost cause (outside of the local option for people who want them).

Just a few thoughts from the peanut gallery.

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If it was a resource made for ....


How about this,

what if the Resource contains original code created from the author from scratch = it can be used and injected into T3D, and yes it is simple as that.

There are some cases where it might be a issue but in a dozen of cases there are no issues, since the Resources that would end up in T3D

are created from scratch/ script based.

And now to the Author question, lets brake it down to "They are Resources, people shared those, so that they can be used freely and now that means who has the

source code and well guess what we all have it as its now under MIT and therefore...

See it is selfexplainable, isnt it? Call a Lawer


just to clear, i was not trying to be rude, i only wanted to show this whole thing in a different and well right light at least from my pov and am sure most if not all

will agree with me.

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Just going to throw it out there - the law rarely makes much sense. If you have any doubt you should seek professional legal counsel. Remember, the courts will tend to err on the side of the licensor,

From what I remember, there wasn't a problem sharing script-only stuff in TGE/A - just engine source. If you're a licensee you can always look at your license agreement. If you don't have access to the private TGE/A forums then there's a large part of this out of your hair. For those that do have that access, use your best judgement - I don't think that GG is going to go on a witch hunt, and almost none of the source changes could be used out of the box anyway, but personally I would ask a lawyer how much change is required to break out of that license box.

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