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Solved - No shapeBase / staticShape collision in 3.8


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Recently, I've been playing around with Kaboom and destructible objects. After adding to 3.8, I noticed I could walk and shoot right through them. No collision.

So I tried in 3.7 and collision works. I can't walk through the shapes. And I can shoot them.

Also, I noticed that in the Outpost mission (in 3.8), you can no longer enter the Cheetah by walking into it.

I went back to the Outpost mission (in 3.7) and I was able to drive the Cheetah by colliding with it.

Finally, AI players lack collision as well in 3.8.

I did some reading and it seems like vehicles, players, and staticShapes are all based off of shapeBase.

Anyone know why these types of collisions would be broken in 3.8?

Or is it working as it should and I just need to change some scripting somewhere?

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Windows 10 x64 with new project based on Full Template (with 32 bit exe from wiki package) and Torque physics and standard move class. (No engine changes).

You guys were able to collide with and 'hop' in the Cheetah?

I'll try another vanilla project tonight and let you know if I have the same results.

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