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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Tribute Game


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OMG awesome, the Compatibility Mode issue is now solved!!!!!

In the end, after fussing forever with both engine code and scripts off and on for months, it turned out to be something so simple...

Do not try to load too many custom client scripts within the ClientInit() function!!!

I had about a dozen custom client scripts being loaded at the bottom of that function, if I commented them out the Compatibility Mode error disappeared... So, I just moved those script loads to the MainMenu::OnWake function, so they happen a few seconds later rather than during initial startup.

Somehow, this frees up whatever memory conflict was happening, and the game loads fine without needing the Compatibility Mode.

This error was only occurring in 64-Bit builds, 32-Bit were fine. What an odd one... Must be I have some strange memory corruption or leak somewhere that didn't like all that code being loaded at startup.

Anyhow, I'm just glad that's fixed, was real annoying to say the least!

Have updated the download with that and a couple of other fixes, it's running pretty nice and tight now, feel free to try again and let me know how things work.

Has anybody actually tried to progress all the way through the missions? I had my kids test it and they all worked, but am curious what any true fans out there might think :)



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You must have good bandwidth to upload a 1.5 gig version every day.

Another idea I had regarding performance was that you could convert the texture formats to .dds and/or convert the textures to atlas texture maps, this would reduce loading times and memory usage.

But I don't know if this will significantly improve the performance, since something else is using up the resources much worse. There is also a lot of console spam error warnings etc.

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Unlimited bandwidth here, yes, nice and quick :)

I know the console is full of spam, I tried to reduce it a bit and then realized I just don't care lol. The game works fine so I let it go.

Am aware that there are performance issues, but don't know what else to do... Going to just leave it as is I think, let's just play and have fun!



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New build posted this morning...

Fixes a bunch of stuff:

- Major performance improvement in the All Decks Exploration mission (the zones and portals were not working properly, now they work much better and speed things up).

- Blue shirt science missions should now work (was an issue in Medical).

- Decks 3, 4 and 5 have been filled out with furniture.

- Deck 7 transporter room consoles now work.

- Deck 8 recreation area updated with playable arcade games (using our Oculus EXE only, because they use Awesomium).

- Deck 8 emergency transporter consoles now work, you can beam a ton of guys in and out now :)

- Fullscreen checkbox in Options screen is now available (needs to be chosen each time you load, but it works, and may help performance on some video cards).

- "Quick connect" button on Join screen should now work (although for Internet games they still don't want to connect through my master server, maybe using Hamachi or something would work though).

- LAN play co-op campaign has been extensively tested and should mostly work without issue.

... There are probably more more fixes I can't remember... Been busy...

Anyhow, it's up at the usual download link - get it and enjoy!

And please leave feedback here, or through the email listed in the READ-ME-FIRST file included in the download.




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New build posted this morning...

- Improves the loading of Deck 7 (door arches and other parts should load in faster now, when you arrive on that deck).

- Fixes up the Arcade level, if you load the Oculus .exe you can play Flash arcade games in the Deck 8 recreation area (no Rift required).

- Deck 22 now has working emergency transporters, as well as Franz Joseph's bowling alley from his original plans (use the Oculus .exe to play).

- Updated images for main menu and loading screen.

Here is a shot of the Flash bowling alley game, still needs the room filled out a bit but you can see the Flash working :)


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New build posted this morning...

Fixes a few outstanding issues:

- Mission variables are now properly reset when you do two missions consecutively (so you don't get improper prompts and instructions)

- Cleaned up the menus a bit, updating images and buttons, etc

- Improved the loading status screen (it now rotates through several images while loading, making load time seem shorter)

- Fixed up deck 20 recreation area mission (the ball in the gym can now be kicked and punched to make it bounce around)

- Various bugs fixed in some of the interactive episodes (they should flow properly now and you should be able to complete them following the instructions)

- On missions where you beam to a planet, the rotating planet is now visible outside the ship through the bridge dome

Have gotten a lot of downloads, but very little feedback...

Is anyone out there playing this? If not, you should, it's pretty fun!



Here is the Enterprise in orbit around Tellar Prime:


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As for the options stuff - I really never cared about that, in fact I'm going to just remove the controls menu from the options screen. People always seem to want to fuss around in there, mess things up, then complain it doesn't work lol. So, I'm going to just remove it. I will leave the Default Bind file editable for people who really need to remap their controls. I'd rather they just played the game and not worry about messing around with options

Don't know that this is a great idea. I'd like to point out that big-name studios have messed with no-option and reduced-option games (Bethsoft anyone?) and even something as simple as not allowing the user to map the number pad keys for controls has caused major backlash. Just thought I'd mention it, because games have had control mapping and game settings for a really long time now. Returning to 1989 seems like it might silence much of your thunder.

Maybe it's something to do with AFX - I know it does some constant raycasting for the mouse-clickable stuff, maybe that is hitting the performance. Not sure what I would do if that's the case, we really like AFX and use it for several things - the mouse clicking, various particle effects, the transporter beam, etc.

Gotta be something else - raytracing is expensive, but a single ray cast per frame is not even noticeable unless it's literally kilometers long, the scene is mega-dense, and you're doing heavy filtering along the way.

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Having some fun in the turbolift shafts...

Got a TSAttachable working as a moving lift, but it's just an experiment right now - not scalable to go all over the ship or anything, but really fun for a test!

This will be included in the final release of the game as a side exploration mission.



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In the second Gold shirt mission, the instructions tell you to sit at the helm... Then there are only a few buttons there, you click until you find out what does what.

Left to right, the 4 red helm buttons are:

Exit Dock

Enter Dock

Go to Warp

Go To Impulse

It's real easy, in that mission you just have to press the exit dock button, then watch the viewscreen as you leave orbit. Then a message will tell you to go to Warp Speed. When you go to Warp it will tell you to go to Impulse and then you will reach your destination and automatically enter the space dock.

You repeat that process 3 times to finish the Ensign Training mission, this takes you to all 4 planets.

To beam down to the planets, from the main menu you would pick the Sulu character, then load up the Explore All Decks mission, click on the AI Sulu to kick him out of the helm chair, then sit down and take the ship to wherever you want to go... There are coloured buttons at the top of the helm console, and each sets a course for one of the planets.

By default you will go in this order if you don't select a course:



Tellar Prime


But you can use a helm button to set a course to anywhere while you are in warp, and then you will emerge at that location.

Once in space dock, you go to deck 7, find a transporter room, click on the guy and you will beam down. Explore around, then click the transporter icon to beam back up.

In Explore All Decks, you can do this indefinitely, going to any planet and then beaming down, coming back up, going somewhere else, etc.

You can even take a shuttle from the hangar, and fly towards the planet, and you will eventually go through the surface and see the terrain and can land. When you take off, fly towards the North and you will emerge into space and see the Enterprise, where you can land the shuttle. Then go back to the bridge and take the Enterprise to another planet.

You can also run the helm from the deck 7 auxiliary bridge, and the deck 19 battle bridge.

Hope this helps, have fun!



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New build posted today - huge improvement!

Basically the turbolift system is now a giant roller-coaster ride :)

The video below shows an X-Ray view of the ship as the lift moves through the system... You can see how the decks load in when the turbolift arrives at its destination.

This was a real mind-f*** puzzle to figure out, but it turned out pretty awesome...

- 88 turbolifts in all

- spread across 24 decks

- 2 vertical shafts

- over 7 thousand possible to / from permutations

- all handled with only 142 paths using 10 nodes each

You can now go from anywhere, to anywhere, riding the moving platform turbolifts through the shafts... Just use the map to pick a deck and a destination and off you go.

(drops mic)


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Jazzed up the deck 6 Movie Theater a bit - you can now sit in the chairs, and there are some new clips available...

We now have the guys at Star Trek Continues on-board, and have two of their complete episodes available to watch!

Some video of the theater:


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