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Working DoF? - Solved


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Correct. But when enabled, the settings do not change anything.

The only time I notice any difference is when looking at the sky and zooming in the gun sight (which is the default behavior on the included missions).

Figure I am missing something and hoping for some tips. 8-)

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If You want to use autofocus try aiming at ground or some other object with collision, if You don't need it (autofocus should be off by default) check min. focus range - if it's too high you won't see any effect, also try increasing blur curves.

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@Duion: I checked out the desert level, but didn't see any DOF. (It was enabled as you said.)

@L3zak: Thanks for the info. Tried it out, still no DOF.

I must be missing something. When enabled in my own project, all objects (near and far) receive no blur, no matter which one I'm looking at.

(Only time I get blur is if looking at the sky, then everything is blurry - except the sky.)

If there are 3 columns, one near, one in the middle, and one far and I look at the middle column, the other 2 should be blurry.

That's my understanding of DOF. Is that correct?

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@Duion, @Azaezel, and @L3zak: Thanks for the tips, images, and time you spent checking. With your help and a discovery I made (that the level 'visible distance' drastically affects DOF), I was able to see it working and adjust as needed. By setting the visible distance to 100 or 1000, the DOF settings are more noticeable (especially auto-focus). :D

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