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How do you import models from Blender into Torque 3d?


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I was studying this problem half a year ago.

blender can't handle the rig of the demo soldier, u can't replace the mesh of the soldier easily to get ur own character in blender. I think it could be done in 3dsmax.

I tried even to hack the source code of blender. But the task beyond my ability. then i started creating my own rig in blender.

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As a new Torque User (Hi everybody!) and long time blender noob I'd like to help out...Im one of those guys with big ideas and no clue so I end up spreading myself all over the place, a bit of coding here, some modelling there...

I use MakeHuman for my characters because its just so easy to use, makes great models with great topology and has fantastic armature rigging along with it. Of course you want to export your models straight into COLLADA (.dae) and then jump into blender.

Import your model and you will notice that it looks great but doesnt animate easily, bones seem to deform the mesh etc...I find using 'Inverse Kinematics/IK' from the tools menu on the left AND checking the box in the models armature modifier tab 'Retain Volume'. This should let you move bones around more naturally...hopefully.

You'll have to make your animations in blender and export them alongside the model. Im sure this is with the default COLLADA exporter but there is a chance I found a plugin that gives me the options:

select 'only selected' - make sure you have selected the whole model, armature etc.

select 'export armature' and 'export shape keys'.

Put them in the art/shapes/actors folder of your game project and voila! You're free to play with the animations, etc...

To get a player character using this model you go to datablock editor, create new datablock, Player, copy data from default character then in the Inspector menu, under the Render tab, select your actor model.

Then realise you have a lot of animations to do because I have yet not managed to 'borrow' the default animations from the soldier...

Sorry if this is all stuff you know, garbled nonesense or just plain wrong...as I say im only beggining my Torque journey. I hope it helps though and I guess Ill be around a while if you want to ask anything else? Maybe we can help each other haha...



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