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Snowflakes are squares.


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I'm toying around with the precipitation datablock and created my own for snowflakes. Things have gone smoothly except the snowflakes themselves are squares instead of circles.


The datablock code:


datablock PrecipitationData(LightSnow)
  soundProfile = "LightSnowSound";

  dropTexture = "art/environment/precipitation/snowflake2";
  splashTexture = "art/environment/precipitation/water_splash";
  dropSize = 0.35;
  splashSize = 0.1;
  useTrueBillboards = false;
  splashMS = 500;


snowflake2.dml simply contains:




The snowflake image itself (128x128 png)


Any suggestions?

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I also had the same problem, I suggest to use your own shader for that:

you can specify which shader to use for the drops and splashes as you can see here https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/2044b2691e1a29fa65d1bdd163f0d834995433ce/Engine/source/T3D/fx/precipitation.cpp#L1633

To do that, add this to a .cs file (for instance, core/scripts/client/shaders.cs)

new ShaderData( fxPrecipitationShader )
   DXVertexShaderFile 	= "shaders/common/precipV.hlsl";
   DXPixelShaderFile 	= "shaders/common/precipP.hlsl";
   OGLVertexShaderFile  = "shaders/common/gl/precipV.glsl";
   OGLPixelShaderFile   = "shaders/common/gl/precipP.glsl";
   samplerNames[0] = "$diffuseMap";
   samplerNames[1] = "$alphaMap";
   pixVersion = 1.4;


then in your precipitation datablock add these two fields:


dropShader = fxPrecipitationShader;
splashShader = fxPrecipitationShader;


if you are still unhappy with the result, you can tweak the shader or make a new one, just replace the DXVertexShaderFile and the other ones with your tweaked/new shader.


Keep in mind that your texture is not in tiles as it is supposed to be by default...

Check here: https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/2044b2691e1a29fa65d1bdd163f0d834995433ce/Engine/source/T3D/fx/precipitation.cpp#L159

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