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DeadlyMatter Show-off :-P


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Nice! I like the HUD icons a lot. :D

Also, resource your minmap code!

The icons show the health system we built (still mostly in TS btw :mrgreen: ) From top to down: blood level, blood sugar level, hydration, stomach content, oxygen saturation level, stamina (as strength/endurance) and physical health (damage level). These icons now work with steps of 25% (images) and (already) pretty well, but will be animated in the near future by using a new developed GUI object.

Timmy had to write a new GUI object for the minimap, to create a circle mask for the rotating map. Due to time limitations is the minimap especially designed for DM and the engine. Though originally T3D, are there a lot of changes (and much more to come). We will share more of our development with the community in the future but first need to have the time for it, as obviously it will need to work with stock T3D ;)


Only complaint I could really level at it is the aliasing issues on the phone lines and stuff.

Yeah that's my issue as well. We are running DM with SMAA and it works great; though not enough edges are handled right now. The power lines are too thin to be recognised and skipped for AA; this is partly an error by the artist (me) really. I had to make the cables much thicker and not getting to close to realism with that, but design it in a way it renders with a better quality. It's on the list to get a makeover real soon. It does look OK in 4k though :mrgreen:

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Speaking about SMAA, to get an idea how the options GUI's look like...


[ + ] click to see the full res


[ + ] click to see the full res


And of course would like to thank the whole the team,

Timmy ( @Timmy ) and Marc ( @Mud-H )

for all the hard work done !

:D :D :D

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That's a lot of settings, but where do you handle the postFX?

Effects can be turned on or off. It will not have a PostFx options panel because DM is a game, not an engine.


Did you re-write the settings backend, or are you piggybacking off stock and just using a different UI?

The GUI script has been rewritten and it's using both stock T3D globals and new ones.


As for the phone lines, dunno if this'll be helpful, but it may be useful at some point

Awesome! Thanks for the link, that's really interesting and going to test it for sure!

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Most photo equipment backpacks are big and can store a lot of stuff. I'm using these myself for more then a decade and are really handy to get 20kg as hand luggage in an airplane.

We will develop more different models for the sake of character customisation.

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