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Jeep-like Vehicle with Mounted Gun and Headlamps

Jason Campbell

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Download includes some source files and installation instructions.



A jeep that I created as a learning experience in modeling and to further understand the WheeledVehicle class. You are free to use this in any way you want. It's messy and not optimized, so there is much that could be improved. The gun is just a variant of the turret but with an offset that I tried to make it possible to mow down enemies. It didn't work too well and is kind of useless. My first thought was an arcade type vehicle shooter. Hope it is useful anyway and I think it's pretty cool. If you do use it, the only constraint is that the gun sound is CC Attribution 3, which means you can just drop the included credit.txt in with any distribution. Have fun.




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Seems to work fine except the gun, I may use it as a new placeholder in my game, I already use your shotgun model as placeholder.

I wonder if it is possible to have a rotating turret on a vehicle. Maybe as a separate object mounted to the vehicle, with an additional mountpoint to mount the player behind it.

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I looked into that because I really wanted to be able to switch to the jeep gun but unfortunately Paul Dana's Turrets and AI Turrets resource code is lost to time(dead link). It does seem like it should be possible with TurretShape but no one else seems to do that, I can't find any info or examples. I also thought it would be funny to mount an AITurret to it. Anyway I had to step away from it.

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