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Torque Dummy


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Hey there! I've finally finished the model so I'm sharing it here to everyone who wants to use it. Sadly it has no animations yet (collada exporter problems) but I've included the rigged .blend file if someone wants to dig in.





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I get it in my blender.

I am a super totally noob both in modeling/animation & torque3d.

Then I have the following question to this cool Dummy.

For the previous problems I met during learning t3d, I think I may writing something idiot here.

I have tried to create animations for my testing character.

for common FPS shooting game, I think it could save much work to let characters share animations. The running/fire/reload......

I thought the most important thing to reuse animations for a bunch of characters is sharing a same armature.

then a simple & stable armature is what I want.

an animation exported with an armature can be directly used in t3d by the character with the same armature.

I struggled with the default soldier model for several months, mostly with the first person view model & animations.

The soldier seems working properly in friend's 3dsmax.

I can't import it into blender properly. at least with the default importer of blender 2.75a.

Then I adopted the advice of somebody in the forum to make my own character and animations.

and now we got this new Dummy.

this guy seems to be easy to create animation.

But I can't fully understand the architecture of the armature since I am a totally noob.

and can't try to retarget some animation to it.

to my poor knowledge, I think I need to adopt this armature into t3d, bind all my character meshs to this armature to use the animation created for Dummy.

or retarget the animation created for Dummy to my own character's armature. I am using the default armature of makehuman.

but I haven't figured out a successfully retargeting.

I want somebody tell me if this Dummy can be used easily in t3d with this armature.

if yes we can try to create some useful animation set for it and replace the soldier.

An additional finding is the Torque_Dummy.dae crashed 3dsmax when imported with opencollada plugin, and imported empty with autodesk DAE importer.

the reason of trying 3dsmax is the concerning of cooperating with some wealthy guy installed 3dsmax or something expensive.

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I'm not sure if I get the idea but I'll try to answer.

This dummy was made from scratch, an it has a custom made armature too, so basically is incompatible with any previous animations.

If you want to do new animations or use the ones you already made, I recommend to you to use the .blend file it comes with the package since it has the rigged model ready to use, I'm sure there are tutorials on how to animate and adapt animations in blender, or export the model to 3ds Max form blender if you feel more comfortable in 3ds Max.

Regarding the import and export problem of the .dae file, I can't help you, I have no idea what the problem could be, sorry. But as I said earlier just use the .blend file.

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Hey Janders, nice looking model. I actually used it while trying to learn Blender and at the same time, try to create a Torque animation compatible biped. If you are proficient in Blender perhaps you could look at the armature in blender and see how it behaves with the soldier animations. I'm not giving up at all I just wanted to post my findings and hope I'm not hijacking your post.

The armature seems to be totally compatible with the Gideon animations, which I hope is going to be MIT once the Burg level is released. Every time I tried to change the pose in Pose Editor something would get broken. I was going to have it in the correct pose of holding a gun because Gideon has no hold animation, so the dummy's arms are in t-pose. Once I got it in Torque I was surprised to find that the soldier animations would sort of work. Rotation is all wrong for the death and swimming ect.. which I think is a Bip01 problem which I screwed up.

I just really think it would help Torque and the community to have a Blender/Torque connection which is compatible with some existing animations. I included the Gideon animations which are available in the FPS tutorial. They are not MIT but for learning I'm sure it's fine.

Perhaps between a bunch of people we can get this working. I am completely new to Blender and sorry for screwing up the color of your Dummy.

Download: Source and Torque Files


Some crappy videos for visual reference.



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I'm happy to see dummy is useful!

I took a look at the .blend and it seems the bone distribution differs in some aspects (nothing serious) but the animation itself is a loss, I'll explain myself.

First, the .dsq format is read only and I'm unable to import the animations to Blender.

And second, probably all the animations are backed, and that's a real issue.

When an animation is being exported to Torque (at least from Blender) gets backed, meaning, it loses all its keyframes. Editing an animation that has lost its keyframes is hard as fuck, and time consuming. In majority of cases its easier and faster to just redo the entire animation.

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Ok, I'm going to keep at it, just because I think it would be helpful to new users to have an example default character that is exportable from Blender but compatible with the Gideon animations(which I am praying that the Burg level will be released soon to MIT). I also now believe that getting a Rig compatible with the Soldier is a possibility. Again I think it would really help new users that don't have a deep understanding of the art pipeline.

I'll start a new post when I have something better and probably use makehuman models for male and female or something. Thanks again Janders.


This is because I am working on something different that we could have default animations. As I said above I'll create a new post when I have something more concrete. I didn't mean to hijack this post.

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  • 2 weeks later...

sorry Janders & Jason :D :D :D :D

I finally got another mess of Dummy.

this one is compatible with the soldier's animation, but not Gideon's.

Jason's method works only for the standing pose animations.

I think if one want to use both Gideon & soldier's animations, she need to import them into blender and perform retarget.


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Hey deathbravo,

Cool, I've been working on this too and it is difficult because I am learning Blender at the same time. Probably going to need two different versions for gideon and soldier. I have the soldier working also fairly well but it's too bad about the reload animations. Torque's blend animation stinks, I don't even get how they got that to work with a reload/root blend. I wanted to have a tutorial up but I'm super busy. Glad I'm not the only one working on this.

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