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Switch weaponFireLight to muzzle point


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I had a free moment and took a glance at it. I hadn't tested anything, but can lead you in the right direction.

The original resource you posted just changed a single function to use an overload. I found that same function, just shifted around to a new location.

° shapeBase.cpp - around Ln. 2625

void ShapeBase::renderMountedImage( U32 imageSlot, TSRenderState &rstate, SceneRenderState *state )
  getRenderImageTransform(imageSlot, &mat, rstate.getSceneState()->isShadowPass());


So you should be able to just change that line to:



Basically the registerLights() function from the older resource isn't used anymore. Instead the call to renderMountedImage() is now in ShapeBase::prepBatchRender().

The only problem I'm seeing right away is 'imageData->muzzleNode' doesn't exist so you'll need to find a way to get ahold of the muzzleNode. I hadn't been using this node and all my models have custom setups, so it could be possible as well that you need to create and add such a node. All references to the 'muzzle' I can find at a quick look atm refer to the 'muzzlePoint' which isn't a node but a Point3F position.

Let me know how you get along with it and if necessary I might be able to take a closer look. Happy Torque-ing!

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