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Hey guys, a recent topic that came up today when I found it necessary to censor a quote from a post.

I think we should have a discussion on what to censor and when.. Ideally we would write a complete set rules, but that's a daunting task :P

I censored the quote because it was from an IRC log, which is generally considered as an "off the record" chat, so people might not always express themselves the way they would have in a public setting. In general I feel that we should respect people's wishes on quotation even if it's in a public forum as IRC.

This and other issues with moderation can be discussed here, so we can figure out how to handle it in the future.

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An obvious low hanging fruit, which you see on many other sites, is to never post personal information that can be used to harm or harass someone in real life. In other words, no doxing or witch hunts. I seriously doubt this would ever be a problem on this forum, but it doesn't hurt to cover all bases. So no posting of phone numbers, mailing addresses, private e-mails, etc.

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