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Hosting a dedicated server online.


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1. Buy a Server

2. Install Linux

3. Copy the Uebergame folder to the Server

4. Create multiple copies of the Severlauncher script in case you want to launch multiple  servers.

5. Run multiple instances using the "Screen" command like "screen -S Server1" and then launch it like "./server-launcher1.sh"

6. Also Run the Masterserver by copying it to the server and launching it, I also use screen for it like "screen -S masterserver" then "./masterd" masterserver is located on my github.

That is my workflow. Screen is important because when you only launch a program then it will run inside the terminal and the terminal is blocked by it, with screen however you can detach the terminal and you are back to your old terminal. Of course you need to setup your game to have a dedicated server binary compiled and the masterserver address entered by default in the game settings.

But you can also just host from home, if you have a master server up somewhere, which would have you start at point 1. again.

PS: You need a server where you have access to the terminal, virtual servers with 1 core start at like a few dollars per month, choose what you need.

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Thanks, Duion. Your comments are very helpful.

I am leaning towards creating a dedicated server online on a virtual private server such as Google Cloud.

Buying a server, setting it up, running it from home, and keeping it on all the time seems like more trouble than it's worth.

I may still do it from a local server at home but was wondering whether you've had any experience with a VPS before.

Which one would be cheaper in the long run and easier to maintain at all times?

Would a VPS be much slower than one run from home?

What would be an affordable server that I could buy? Would the server need any RAM to run as a game server, and if so, how much RAM would be good enough? What other specs would you recommend?

Would this QOTOM server on Amazon here be good enough?

What do you use, if I may ask?


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It is bit of a a steep learning curve, but once you know how to operate a Linux server you can keep it running for years with hardly any maintenance, so not that much trouble, don't try for cheap workarounds, just go for the real thing. Providers usually offer pre-instealled distributions you can chose.

No idea about other providers, but I have good experience with hetzner, they also have cloud now, so look here https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

I would go for the CPX11 in your case, 2 cores, so you can run the masterserver and 2 game servers smoothly, maybe more, depends on how busy they are, costs 5 euro per month, so every cheap. They also have location in USA now if that is your customer base.

Do not run from home, you can host servers from home, but not the masterserver so you need a server anyway and if you are serious you need a website as well, so you can put that on the server as well, do not go for bad solutions, go for the real thing.

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In that case you would need a Windows server, however hardly anyone uses Windows for servers as the license is ridiculously expensive. You will also run into the problem that the master server does not run on Windows, at least not the one I use, but I did not try to compile/port it to Windows.

The best way would be to upgrade your game to a newer engine and compile a Linux executable and a Linux dedicated server executable.

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I only later found out that people mostly in other weird countries like America often have their ISPs block certain ports which makes people unable to host stuff or people in general were too stupid to open the Ports themselves, which as one of the main factors my game failed, because nobody hosted games and dedicated servers were broken back then, took me weeks to fix it.

Dedicated servers run in a datacenter, so they do not have this issue and clients do not need to open ports. So ideally you rent dedicated servers and make a tutorial on how people can open the ports needed or run a dedicated server themselves.

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