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Projectmanager doesnt create an exe in game folder?


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You should compile a new .exe.

Here is the wiki:


What I do:

Inside the "buildFiles" folder there are various pre-made methods for some common compiler things.

For my WindowsXP with preoject manager 2.1 I use the .sln inside "VisualStudio 2010" as I can use the free version of VisualStudio 2010 (obtainable from microsoft web). I have the DirectX SDK like said in the wiki.

Then I press F7 (build) and wait. I somethimes get linking errors (those aren't code errors) that are fixed by just trying F7 again.

The new project manajer (2.2) also has linux and VS2015 I think.

By the way, the first time you compile a new project may take a long time (even some hours) but that exe can be used then for multiple projects if you don't need to change the c++ code.


Well, there is the other option of using an already made exe.

You can get the engine binaries here:


But those are a bit outdated.

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That shouldn't happen. T3D MIT never had demo builds and the remaining code for it was stripped out several versions ago. We definitely would like to know where you are getting the binary files from that have demo mode on so we can investigate as to what's going on there.

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hey Tron, I downloaded from yours side.. the last one.. But here is the even wierder thing... After a while when creating a new level.. the demo thing disapear.. seems like it is something temporary?!

Its ok now... I havent got a clue what this is all about

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