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cant find the new binary download


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I'm working on a workblog for this weekend to go more in-depth on it, but the new paradigm as of 4.0 is to work with modules(and the assets within them).

To facilitate that, we'll be publishing a new Project Manager, that makes it easier to set up engine builds, projects and install modules into those projects - including the TestMaps module that contains the old Outpost, Empty Level and Empty Terrain maps.

If you want to play around with the maps right this second, you can nab the module from here: https://github.com/Torque3DResources/testMaps and drop the whole testMaps folder into your project's data/ directory in the binary build. That'll let you load up the maps and fiddle with them again.

For the full recreation of the old FPS gameplay logic, you'll also need to grab these:


With those and the testMaps modules, it fully recreates the original FPS gameplay template stuff.

Alternatively, as mentioned, this weekend we'll get the 1.0 of the new Project Manager published, and you can use that to install the FPSGameplay Rapid Prototype Kit to easily install all those above modules in one clean swoop and get you rolling nice and easy.

I'll go over it more in-depth in my workblog(and update the documentation with details and steps) so everyone can grab it and hit the ground running.

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thank you guys for your response ,

when I check the links I do not get any download . the page appears to be trying to load something . I am using an old windows 7 machine , so , IDK .

P.S. Im hoping that a newer version than preview 4.0 is available , with the probe adding function , works with windows 7 and nvidia gt 6xx . ok , i think thats it , thank you for your time .

2nd edit , I didnt find a link to the new binary , all of the files provided by JeffR were downloaded .

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It could be a browser problem to show or download https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D/releases/tag/v4.0.1 files:



or 4.0 on https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D/releases


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