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Save / Load System?


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Hello. I'm wondering if anyone has an updated version of Steve's "Simplistic Save and Load Game System":


I got stuck on which file to place these functions in: function StorePlayerObject(), function SimplisticSaveGame(%missionName), and function SimplisticLoadGame(%missionName)

Or is there another T3D MIT compatible save / load resource?


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Well, I have some progress. I put the functions in default.bind.cs (bc I'm not sure how to call them via a keybind if they are in another file). When I'm in a mission and I press the key to save, it creates 2 save files. Odd...

When trying to load (via the console), I get this console error:

getSubStr(...): error, starting position and desired length must be >= 0: (-3, 3)

And the screen is just black with an ammo counter for the pistol and the chat HUD welcoming me.

If I open the save file via the world editor it works great.

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Finally had a chance to do some more investigation.

When I load the game and end up in the black screen mission, I'm being loaded into the "RootGroup" of the scene.

I opened the World Editor and that is what shows up scene tree view (instead of the MissionGroup from the save file).

If I open the saved .mis file from the World Editor, it loads correctly.

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