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FPSTutorial repo?


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The script changes are all in the tutorial (http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-3d/fps#/1-setup) and it is probably better for a newcomer to work through it anyway - since iterative testing as you proceed through the outdated material will give you a chance to catch things that have changed over the last 4 years. I don't think anyone was updating the scripts or text on a regular basis anyway.

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Why is it gone? I mean that kind of tutorials should stick around for newcomers until we have a new one.


well I was thinking for a few months update the fpstutorial so I'm on it.

I added a new folder called fpstutorial, in there are all the stuff from the fpstutorial I mean assets (art, sound, fx, etc) and scripts. The folder layout is a bit different from the original version. All the 3d models that have art, sound, animation is in the same folder.

The point of doing this is not to replace entirely the fpstutorial guide, but update it, and not lose the work already done of our ancestors :D

Is not finished, but I think at least 60%. The version of Torque3D used right now is the last commit from development branch. I mean this commit: 5122360 I will update regularly. My plan is to update it to v4 with the new base template that's why only have one folder "fpstutorial"

Please if you have any ideas, comment it, It will be appreciated.

1) New fpstutorial folder:


2) Inside fpstutorial folder, new layout:

(forget the folder TESTING, It's for my personal use :lol: )

A) http://i.imgur.com/G9NiAtr.png

This names are from the models "material".

B) http://i.imgur.com/wA1PiG7.png

3) All the animation, sound, etc is inside the model folder.


Here you can see a few screenshots.












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