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Torque's communication with pureLIGHT


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The communication was largely one sided. You would load your scene into pureLIGHT and then it would write out a Torque3D mission file. There were once plans to integrate pureLIGHT directly into the Torque3D editor, but, those plans got derailed several times due to some of the past shake ups at Garage Games.

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He might not have the time or energy, or even the will, to keep supporting the technology. Selling something also means providing bug fixes and support, which is very expensive and time-consuming. If he's not interested in the technology anymore, it makes sense to just release it as open-source software, so people can do their own bug fixes and find a way to work with it. That's what GarageGames did. And it's much better than having software rotting on old disks.

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