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Cannot Mount Cheetah Torque 3.8


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I am having trouble mounting a vehicle with the new Torque release. I have an older version, either 3.6 or 3.7 where I had it working, but am having trouble telling the difference. Was hoping someone more experienced might have some insight.

Like is just wont, mount, the property ismountable is true, but it seems probably missing some script. On my working version player mounts on collision and in previous ones has been f to mount.

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Looked into this, and the issue is that the Vehicle class doesn't actually hook into the physics plugins so they exist in the physics sim. As such objects that operate via the sim don't know it exists and can't collide with it.

Fortunately, Timmy's got some code that registers a physics body for the vehicle which should remedy that, and I'll test plugging that in tomorrow/PRing it if it works.

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