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Oculus Rift CV1 SDK Integration


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I will (finally) be receiving my Oculus Rift CV1 on Tuesday, hopefully, so I have started integrating the latest Oculus SDK to T3D 3.8.

It seems the current information is out of date. I am getting a lot of errors relating to functions and variables being changed or depreciated. Is there an up to date reference anywhere?

I can't seem to find much information on integrating the Oculus SDK with engines other than Unreal or Unity.

Is there anyone that knows how to port from, I believe, the 0.5 SDK which, T3D uses, to the newest version?

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Thank you for those replies!

I had seen the oculus rift setup and demo links before, but I didn't realise that the dx11 openvr project had an "Oculus" Option, I'm currently downloading that.

Would it be possible to simply copy the Oculus specific information from that branch into my current engine version, or would it be easier to transfer my projects to the dx11_oculus version?

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The dx11 oculus version seems to give me the same issues as the current version of the engine. It seems to be aimed at the 0.8 SDK, and uses "ovrHMD" which is no longer in the SDK.

I'm still searching for an updated example using the recent SDK.

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