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Compilation error while building Torque3D


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I downloaded Torque3D's source and I'm building it on Fedora 22, 32-bit using g++ 5.3.1. After doing the regualr procedure with cmake and generating codeblocks-unix makefiles, while compiling I'm getting this error:

/home/koushtav/Downloads/Torque3D-master/Engine/source/platform/platformIntrinsics.h|44|error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘type name’ with no type [-fpermissive]|

I'm unable to understand why the template function defined there:

template< typename T >
inline bool dCompareAndSwap( T* volatile& refPtr, T* oldPtr, T* newPtr )
  return dCompareAndSwap( *reinterpret_cast< volatile size_t* >( &refPtr ), ( size_t ) oldPtr, ( size_t ) newPtr );

is giving that error during compilation. Help or pointers are appreciated.


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