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1- C'mon man, you know where all the stuff is found, you been around here longer than most!

2- Whoever's doing the hosting just needs to be sure the stuff is licensed so it is legal. Seeing as it's a community effort, I'm sure all involved parties can give a 'heads up' to the person doing the hosting to prevent problems. Usually if it's not legal to share something, the author makes it rather clear.

3- Sure they do. This is (one of) the most active topic on the Resources board.

@Johxz: I noticed you already forked our 'resources' branch. How exciting! I wanted to point out that, although I didn't understand your PR, I do support the archiving of T3D resources for our community.

Please include our Resources branch in your posting of collections! It's been very busy around here, but I've made it a huge point lately to carve out the time and start cleaning out the closet. Incoming community resources!

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Of course I know where to find the stuff, but I just occasionally backup things I find usefull, I do not make sure to make accurate complete backups.

And stuff that was already down when I joined the community I cannot have saved obviously, since I joined relatively late.

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Sweet. Gosh I had all but forgotten about some of those products. It's really nice to see that many of them still kickin' it. In the spirit of not procrastinating, I really should go ahead and get ahold of some of that while it's still there.

Allow me to submit a PR to your list...lol. While I am honored that you gave us our own category(at the top no less, woot), I just wanted to say I wouldn't be offended if you included the repo link in any 'good old' category. Perhaps the main resources repo link in the collections group? It isn't much of a 'collection' just yet, although I do expect it to grow at a reasonable rate(at least leading into and early October).

Anyhow, thanks for the inclusion, still a few tricks left to pull out the sleeve for sharing 8-)

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