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Torque3D 4.0.2 Released!


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Greetings everyone! Happy holidays and all that fantastic jazz!
While a bit longer in the oven than 4.0.1, as you can surmise, we’re sticking to the commitment to keep the updates flowing as much as reasonably possible with a follow-on hotfix build.

Very creatively named 4.0.2.

Wild, I know.


So first, the bait of a nice screenshot:

Which shows off the wetness effect to compliment the rain that's in the Outpost test level.


And now for the details!

First, changelog:


And now a list of our lovely, fantastic contributors for this update:

  • JeffProgrammer
  • Azaezel
  • GoldenThumbs
  • LakoMoor
  • BloodKnight
  • Vvv-yeaf
  • OTHGMars


Ready to get the build yourself? Nab it here:

Alternatively, you can grab the Project Manager here, and download the engine build via that:


All in all, nothing TOO crazy this one, focusing on just minor improvements and refinements on stuff. About the only big thing to note is we managed to slide in the wetnesspuppy shader as per the above screenshot.
Not huge, technically, but it’s been a bit of a meme in the Torque community for a long time now, so we can safely check that one off the ol’ list. This one’s to you, Mitch 😉

From here, we’re going to be focusing on implementing DOCs and pushing towards 4.1 unless something big comes up.
The planned target for 4.1 is about 6 months, which should actually be pretty reasonable a target by virtue of the fact that it is THE primary feature target for the release. Anything else we can cram in alongside is gravy, but that’s where the primary point of focus is going to be for the next months so we can get it in, get it polished, and then get the release out before moving onto the next thing.

Have a good one, and happy game developing!

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